sprinkler systems Saskatoon, SK

sprinkler systems installation

A professionally designed and installed irrigation system adds value to any property and protects your landscaping investment. No more wrestling and dragging of tangled garden hoses! The watering of lawns and other landscaping is simplified by automatic watering. Water is not wasted and money is saved by providing the amount of water needed to specific areas. Our quality products, installation techniques and service will provide many seasons of carefree automatic irrigation.
Fully Insured and bonded company. Years of experience installing irrigation, leveling soil, laying turf, pavers, retaining walls, whatever your yard needs. Free Estimates and will get a speedy quote. We use Rainbird sprinklers which are best on market for water efficiency manual manifolds or timers, also using the "I" water wizard timer system that connects through an app using Bluetooth. We use a mini sneaker for pulling pipe so if turf already there does minimal damage. Call, text or email for free quote and we WILL travel to Warmen/Martinsville, Saskatoon area & all Sask and as far as Alberta.